WILLIAM E. LACHENAUER – Project Coordinator

William Lachenauer, as Project Coordinator, is responsible for the many aspects of land development and infrastructure improvement projects. Mr. Lachenauer is responsible for the preparation of engineering packages for site development and infrastructure projects, including the design and layout of utilities, roadways and other land improvements. In his prior employment, he coordinated the design of over 7,500 linear feet of water line at the Westchester County Airport and oversaw the plan development of $3.5 million of road improvements for the City of White Plains, Bank Street project. In addition, Mr. Lachenauer has presented designs and received approvals for hundreds of housing units and over 2,000,000 square feet of commercial/retail development.

Mr. Lachenauer coordinates with the reviewing agencies, the developers, the environmental planners and the municipal officials to obtain the necessary approvals and permits. He is instrumental in producing a coordinated effort with such agencies as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, County and State Health Departments, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Soil Conservation District and the Army Corps of Engineers; for both public and private interests. He is key in organizing and leading informational meetings with residents in adjoining areas of development projects or public works projects.

Mr. Lachenauer has performed numerous drainage analyses for projects of varying sizes and complexities. He has prepared numerous Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans within the New York City Department of Environmental Protection watershed and has obtained approval by both the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and New York City Department of Environmental Protection for same. He is noted for the implementation of innovative design concepts in an effort to comply with issues of attenuation and stormwater quality. Balancing the needs of providing for stormwater attenuation and stormwater quality with the aesthetic and environmental needs of a site has been the trademark of the designs produced. Mr. Lachenauer performs the numerous municipal and private drainage studies utilizing TR-55 and TR-20 methodology.

Mr. Lachenauer is the key person in the preparation of dynamic computer models of various water distribution and storage systems, both private and public.

Mr. Lachenauer holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.